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WDS Early Career Researchers and Scientists (ECR) Network

The World Data System (WDS) is committed in helping to nurture the next generations of data stewards. In continuing and expanding in this vein, the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) decided that it would like to set up a WDS Network of Early Career Researchers and Scientists (collectively 'ECRs') in the area of data management to foster communications among those in the Network and also provide inputs to shape the future of WDS. After putting out a call for talented and enthusiastic ECRs to lead this initiative, an initial WDS Working Group has been created to act as ambassadors and work with the WDS International Programme Office to generate a vision for the Network and to implement this under the guidance of the WDS-SC. In particular, the Network should be involved in WDS endeavours, as well as in discussions around data stewardship, data preservation, data interoperability, and so on.
Co-chairs: Sabrina Delgado Arias (Science Systems and Applications, Inc./NASA GSFC, USA), Alice Fremand (British Antarctic Survey, UK), Ivan Pyshnograiev (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine)


©Flickr/umdnewsThe World Data System (WDS) is a body of the International Science Council (ISC) that helps to coordinate and supports research data centres and data services worldwide. WDS activities span all disciplines, and are designed to ensure that research data are preserved and openly disseminated to safeguard the integrity of science. WDS is also concerned with the availability to scientists and policymakers of the critical information necessary to manage Earth’s resources wisely.

Recognizing the important role of Early Career Researchers in developing and promoting best practice in data management, data analysis and data sharing, WDS establishes a Network of Early Career Researchers and Scientists (collectively ECRs), to help foster better communication among ECRs, and to design activities targeting their interests and concerns.


  • Setup and maintain a WDS ECR Network web presence.
  • Communicate with, and reach out to, other ECRs about the role of WDS.
  • Promote and expand participation in the WDS Data Stewardship Award.
  • Increase participation in WDS collaborator meetings/activities to raise awareness of the ECR Network and to learn of new initiatives that may be of interest.
  • Identify and propose activities that would be attractive to ECRs, including for WDS events (e.g., SciDataCon and International Data Week).
  • Provide input to, and comment on, WDS training activities and education documents.
  • Explore and communicate data management standards and best practices.
  • Organize workshops and conferences in data management, data analysis, and data sharing.
  • Support the development of junior data scientists in career progression, and raise the profile of the discipline amongst the scientific community.

Deliverables and Milestones

  • Propose and organize a session for SciDataCon 2018: The Digital Frontiers of Global Science.
  • Create and maintain social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and/or other) for announcements and highlights of ECR Network activities.
  • Develop a dedicated webpage for the ECR Network on the WDS website to communicate upcoming events, share activities of common interest, and facilitate contact with members.
  • Provide contributions to the WDS Blog.
  • Develop an annual report to capture actions, decisions, and recommendations made by members and outcomes of ECR Network activities.
  • Develop a community assessment at the end of Year 1, and compare with an initial assessment of the ECR Network community.


    • Finalize ECR Network Charter after communication and feedback: December 2018
    • Host bimonthly teleconferences with ECR Network members to plan future activities and discuss recent milestones: January 2018 onwards
    • Respond to the Call for Sessions for SciDataCon 2018: January 2018
    • Participate in monthly Federation of Earth Science Information Partners Data Stewardship meetings: 15 January 2018 onwards (2:00–3:00 pm Eastern Time)
    • Organize the SciDataCon session if it is accepted: February–November 2018
    • Prepare a document to welcome Network members and ask them information that will be used to set up their profile on the WDS website: March 2018
    • Set up a webpage on the WDS website containing the ECR Network Charter: May 2018
    • Add member profiles to the WDS website: May 2018
    • Circulate the SciDataCon 2018 Call for Abstracts amongst the WDS ECR Network: May/June 2018
    • Submit a Blog post to WDS on the ECR Network: June 2018
    • Actively participate in the SciDataCon 2018 Conference and associated WDS meetings: 5–9 November 2018



    The WDS ECR Network shall be co-chaired by representatives of the Network members. These Chairs are appointed by the WDS-SC, and shall serve a term of three years, unless agreed otherwise. In this regard, the Chairs will be reviewed every two years by the WDS-SC during one its biannual face-to-face meetings.

    The Co-chairs will be responsible for:

    • Agenda of WDS ECR Network meetings and for calling those meetings.
    • Administration of the WDS ECR Network web resource.
    • Developing goals and objectives for WDS ECR Network activities.
    • Assessing the community of Network members via periodic surveys.
    • Organization of communications and announcements.
    • Overall Network coordination.
    • Updating the Charter according to the evolving needs and feedback from the Network.

    They will report to the WDS-SC Executive Committee regularly; at least twice-a-year on the occasion of the biannual WDS-SC face-to-face meetings.


    Anyone meeting the following criteria may be a member of the WDS ECR Network:

    • Be < 40 years old.
    • Have a Master's degree, equivalent, or higher.
    • Be in the first 10 years after their last degree.
    • Be involved in data analysis or data management.

    With the consent of the Co-chairs, members not meeting one or more of the criteria can be accepted to join the WDS ECR Network.