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Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO)

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The Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO) is a virtual observatory. In practical terms, ChiVO is a repository where it is possible to obtain astronomical data that are used to carry out systematic studies. Therefore, it is possible to categorize this project based on two of the types of repositories exposed in the certification bases: - Domain-based repository: Since it specializes in a specific area of research. This repository is mainly supported by data related to the astronomical field. - Repository of research projects: Given that it is responsible for receiving the public data provided by the ALMA observatory. These public data can be considered as a "record of science", according to the definition given in the glossary of the certification.

Member Profile

Organization Name Chilean Virtual Observatory (ChiVO)
Membership Type Associate Member
Member Since 21 Mar 2018
Organization Website
Host Organization Name Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM)
Representative Name Mauricio Solar
Address Av. Santa María 6400, Vitacura, Santiago
Country CHILE
Network Affiliation IVOA

Updated:28 Mar 2018