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Publishing Data: Services

  • Adrian Burton (Australian National Data Service)
  • Hylke Koers (Elsevier—until 30 June 2016)
Case Statement: available here.
Group Forum: available here                                                                                           



The overarching scope of this Working Group (WG) is to address processes, workflows, and solutions that currently exist—mostly as bilateral agreements—between individual parties within the data publication landscape, and investigate how these can be lifted to one-for-all services that increase interoperability, decrease systemic inefficiencies, and power new tools and functionalities to the benefit of researchers. Such processes may lie at different moments in the data publication workflow, including the submission, editorial, review, and publication process.

Data publishing services

Building on pre-existing components and international initiatives (see below), the WG is focusing on the one-for-all cross-referencing service for the links between data and publications. The challenge for the working group is "How to move from a plethora of (mostly) bilateral arrangements to a one-for-all service model infrastructure for the research data publication landscape?"

This working group also acts as an umbrella initiative to cohere pre-existing independant initiatives in the area of data-publication linking and cross referenceing.  These include:

Note: In early 2013, a first WDS Working Group on Data Publication Services was started, which was subsequently endorsed in 2014 by the Research Data Alliance (RDA) as an RDA–WDS Working Group (WG) on Publishing Data Services. The activities of this working group are coordinated with a number of other working groups throughthe RDA-WDS Interest Group on Publishing Data.