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2017 NAGARA Conference Session on Trusted Digital Repositories


John Faundeen of WDC - Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (WDS Regular Member) and Debbie Bahn are leading a session related to Trusted Digital Repositories (TDRs) at the 2017 National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA) annual conference . They are looking for presenters on this pertinent topic and are casting a wide net in the hope of ...

Trusted Soil Data for Solving Global Issues!


ISRIC - WDC Soils (WDS Regular Member) has released a large set of standardized soil profile data that are freely available for the international community to access and use  to underpin broad-scale mapping and modelling efforts aimed at addressing issues such as food security, land degradation, and climate change. The four million records (for some 94 thousand profiles) contained within ...

ISRIC Spring School 2017


ISRIC - WDC Soils ( WDS Regular Member ) has recently announced the details of its Spring School 2017 , which will take place on 15–19 May 2017 at Wageningen Campus . The School will consist of two 5-day training courses running in parallel— Hands-on Global Soil Information Facilities and World Soils and their Assessment —and will introduce topics such as soils of the world, soil databases, ...

ISRIC Co-organizing Pedometrics 2017


Pedometrics is a branch of soil science dedicated to the application of mathematical and statistical methods for the study of the distribution and genesis of soils. The first Pedometrics conference was organized in 1992, in Wageningen, Netherlands.  To mark the conference's 25th anniversary,  ISRIC - WDC Soils ( WDS Regular Member ) have  announced that they and their partners will bring the ...

PANGAEA Launches New Website and Functionalities


After more than 20 years of operation, PANGAEA — WDS Regular Member since 2011 — has renewed its website ( ) with new functionalities. Although many users liked the minimalistic Google-like interface, it was decided to adopt more sophisticated techniques enabling better interactions with users. In particular, navigation into the data archive is improved. Different topics, ...

ISRIC – WDC Soils Launches Virtual Soil Museum & Updated Soil Property Database for the World


The World Soil Museum of ISRIC – World Soil Information (WDS Regular Member) in Wageningen can now be visited online . The museum has a collection of reference soil profiles from around the world. These 3D profiles, or monoliths, are used to explain main soil forming factors and to show the importance of the soil for ensuring food security, mitigating climate change, or in terms of their ...