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Apply for CODATA–RDA School of Research Data Science (Deadline: 22 September)

Apply for CODATA–RDA School of Research Data Science (Deadline: 22 September)

Applications are invited to participate in the CODATA–RDA School of Research Data Science, which will be held on 4–15 December 2017 at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics – South American Institute of Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR), Sao Paolo, Brazil. Please apply using this online form. The deadline for applications is 22 September 2017.

About the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science

What can justly be called the ‘Data Revolution’ offers many opportunities coupled with significant challenges. High among the latter is the need to develop the necessary data professions and data skills. Researchers and research institutions worldwide recognize the need to promote data skills and we see short courses, continuing professional development, and MOOCs providing training in data science and research data management.

In sum, this is because of the realization that contemporary research—particularly, when addressing the most significant, interdisciplinary research challenges—cannot effectively be done without a range of skills relating to data. These skills include the principles and practice of Open Science and research data management and curation, the use of a range of data platforms and infrastructures, large scale analysis, statistics, visualization and modelling techniques, software development and annotation, and so on. The ensemble of these skills, we define as ‘Research Data Science’, that is the science of research data: how to look after and use the data that are core to your research.

The CODATA–RDA School of Research Data Science has developed a short course, summer school, style curriculum that addresses these training requirements. The course partners Software Carpentry (using the Shell command line and GitHub), Data Carpentry (using R and SQL) and the Digital Curation Centre (research data management and data management plans), and builds on materials developed by these organizations. Also included in the programme are modules on Open Science, ethics, visualization, machine learning (recommender systems and artificial neural networks), and research computational infrastructures.

The school has been successfully piloted at the ICTP in Trieste in 2016 and 2017. The vision of the CODATA–RDA Schools of Research Data Science is to develop into an international network that makes it easy for partner organizations and institutions to run the schools in a variety of locations. The annual event at the ICTP in Trieste will serve as a motor for building the network, and building expertise and familiarity with the initiative’s mission and objectives. The core materials are made available for reuse and the co-chairs and Working Group team will provide guidance to assist partners in organizing the school, in identifying instructors and helpers, and so forth. The first school to expand this initiative will take place at ICTP-SAIFR, Sao Paolo, Brazil in December 2017.

Further information about the CODATA-RDA Schools of Research Data Science is available here.