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ISRIC – WDC Soils Launches Virtual Soil Museum & Updated Soil Property Database for the World


The World Soil Museum of ISRIC – World Soil Information (WDS Regular Member) in Wageningen can now be visited online. The museum has a collection of reference soil profiles from around the world. These 3D profiles, or monoliths, are used to explain main soil forming factors and to show the importance of the soil for ensuring food security, mitigating climate change, or in terms of their cultural value. Until recently, visitors had to come to the campus in Wageningen to physically visit the museum. This is no longer the case: the museum, the collection, including the objects in the collection storage—normally off limits to visitors—is now accessible to anybody in the world. Read more about taking a virtual tour here.

ISRIC has also released a major update of its global predictions of soil properties and classes, now available at a spatial resolution of 250 m. The previous SoilGrids system at 1-km resolution has been systematically upgraded, and the accuracy of predictions has been improved (up to two-fold) compared with previous predictions. The new version of SoilGrids predictions comes with an open data licence. Read more about the enhanced SoilGrids system here.