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RDA–WDS Interest Groups Initiated


The ICSU World data System (ICSU-WDS) had a good presence at the recent First Plenary of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) in Gothenburg, Sweden (18–20 March 2013); with Françoise Genova and Wim Hugo of the WDS Scientific Committee, and Mustapha Mokrane (WDS Executive Director) attending. Reinforcing the common links between ICSU-WDS and RDA, this launch event resulted in the initiation of two RDA/WDS Interest Groups: one on 'Publishing Data'—building on the existing framework of the newly established WDS Data Publication Working Group, and another on 'Certification of Digital Repositories'—in light of the experience gained by ICSU-WDS in this area. An exchange of ideas also took place between the WDS Knowledge Network Working Group and the proposed 'Contextual Metadata' Working Group in RDA, including a possible cross-membership for the two groups.