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WDS Programme Officer Gives Lecture at International Data Sharing Training Workshop


Dr Rorie Edmunds, Programme Officer of the ICSU World Data System, was invited on 24 August to give the final lecture to 17 young data scientists from 14 countries across Asia attending the International Training Workshop on Resources and Environmental Data Sharing Technology for the Silk Road Economic Belt (6–25 August 2016; Beijing, China).

This 20-day training course—hosted by the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Science—was set in a multidisciplinary context, and aimed at providing technical training to help facilitate the building of resources, environments, and platforms for international data sharing.

Dr Edmunds' lecture emphasized to the trainees the importance of establishing trust between all stakeholders as a reality of sharing data, and how certification of data services can significantly improve their trustworthiness, and thus reduce the barriers to data accessibility and reuse.