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WDS Members' Biennial Reports

A general requirement for WDS Regular and Network Members is that they are continuously evaluated by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC). WDS Member Representatives at the 2014 WDS Members' Forum in New Delhi supported the WDS-SC's decision to request that all Regular and Network Members produce a concise, public Report of their activities on a biennial basis, coinciding with each WDS Members’ Forum.

Member Representatives are thus requested to submit a brief Activity Report every two years following a template that provides a prescribed format for sharing their Organizations’ accomplishments and future aspirations with the WDS community. The responses in the Reports are examined by the WDS-SC to gauge the current maturity of each Member Organization and its interaction with ICSU-WDS. Moreover, the Reports act as support documents when an Organization's WDS membership is periodically reviewed (approximately every 3–5 years), highlighting to the WDS-SC the membership evaluation criteria that require additional evidence, and hence simplifying the process.

YearsBiennial Reports
2013–2014 All Members / Regular Members / Network Members