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WDS Certification

WDS is striving to build worldwide ‘communities of excellence’ for scientific data services by certifying Member Organizations—holders and providers of data or data products—from wide-ranging fields by using internationally recognized standards. WDS Members are the building blocks of a searchable common infrastructure, from which a data system that is both interoperable and distributed can be formed.

As part of the process of developing WDS, a certification procedure for evaluating candidates for membership was developed by the Scientific Committee to ensure the trustworthiness of WDS Members in terms of authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and services.

The certification is based on a catalogue of evaluation criteria and apply to Regular and Network Members only. It supplies a transparent and objective base for the evaluation and accreditation of candidate organizations as well as for periodic assessment of accredited WDS Members and overall performance of the system.

The criteria are summarized in the Certification of WDS Regular and Network Members document. An offline version of the application form for Regular and Network Membership application can be downloaded for information. 

If you are a data centre or a data service provider organization, please apply for WDS Certification and Membership here