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Research Council of Zimbabwe

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a statutory body established in terms of the Research Act of 1986. It is mandated to promote, direct, supervise and co-ordinate research. One major function of RCZ is advising Government on issues of research for sustainable development. RCZ also provides an exceptional forum for interaction and discussion for the mutual benefit of Government, academia and industrialists. It is an established conduit for financial and administrative support for collaborative research among research institutes and councils. RCZ organises biennial symposia and produces proceedings thereof. Under its grants and awards programme, six journals have received funding. RCZ's role is that of a catalyst, having identified broad areas of concern, it consults and brings together relevant experts to define a programme of work and to seek sources of funds. The RCZ establishes and maintains links with professional bodies and centres of excellence to enhance the quality of its role as a facilitator of national and international collaboration. Collaborative linkages with organisations such as The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS), International Council for Science (ICSU), United Nations Programmes and the ICSU Regional Office for Africa keep the RCZ abreast with international developments. To provide leadership in research for national development. RCZ will achieve this by guiding, coordinating and promoting research activities. RCZ shall; - Strive to achieve a high number of quality research publications, reports and symposia aimed at solving priority national development challenges, - Maintain a referral database of all national research activities for stakeholders, - Promote a good and effective relationship with all stakeholders, and - Provide our secretariat with a safe, challenging, professional and rewarding work experience.

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Organization Name Research Council of Zimbabwe
Membership Type Associate Member
Member Since 18 Feb 2014
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Host Organization Name Research Council of Zimbabwe
Representative Name Susan Muzite
Address P.O. Box CY 294 Cuaseway Harare
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Updated:08 Oct 2015