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PAGES (Past Global Changes)

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PAGES facilitates activities that address past changes in the Earth System in a quantitative and process-oriented way in order to improve predictions of future climate and environment, and inform strategies for sustainability. PAGES encourage international and interdisciplinary collaborations and seek to promote the involvement of scientists from developing countries in the global paleo-community discourse. PAGES' scope of interest includes the physical climate system, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem processes, biodiversity, and human dimensions, on different time scales - from the Pliocene to the recent past. PAGES’ science structure defines the scientific scope of our activities and addresses the key components of the Earth system through the themes climate, environment, and humans . PAGES' activities involve data compilation, analysis, and synthesis. Therefore, PAGES has developed sets of best practice guidelines for data standards, archiving, and access, as well as for open-data sharing and facilitates the creation of community-based data products that comprise well-described global datasets designed for future reuse. PAGES collaborates with trusted data repositories to facilitate the transfer of data to the public domain and to improve access to paleo-science data.

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Organization Name PAGES (Past Global Changes)
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Member Since 14 Aug 2018
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Representative Name Marie-France Loutre
Address PAGES International Project Office, Falkenplatz 16, 3012 Bern
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Updated:14 Aug 2018