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WDS Events

World Data System Asia–Oceania Conference 2017

Kyoto University, Japan

Abstract Submission, Registration, and Application for Support Now Open! The aims of the WDS Asia–Oceania Conference 2017 are to reinforce the data stewardship community in the Asia–Oceania region and to help establish a collaborative system for access to and dissemination of research data. The Conference will bring together data practitioners, data repository managers, and researchers; in ...

EGU Town Hall: Trust is capital in research data repositories

Austria Center Vienna (ACV), Room 0.96, Vienna, Austria

We encourage EGU participants, researchers interested in data stewardship, data practitioners, and representatives of data repositories, to join us for this  EGU 2017 town hall meeting  (25 April 2017 19:00–20:00 room 0.96) and learn more about the benefits of certification of data repositories against the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements and discuss ways to improve the ...

Data Initiatives in Africa – Opportunities and Challenges for Research and Sustainable Development

Grenoble, France

The World Data System (WDS) in collaboration with the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD: ), the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (OSUG : ) and with support from the Group on Earth Observations (GEO: ) hosted a 2-day exploratory meeting on 12–13 April 2017 hosted at the OSUG in Grenoble.   The goals of this ...

WDS Webinar #11: IUPHAR Web Resources – Simplifying Complexity for Medicine and Education

WebEx (Time is given in UTC)

IUPHAR ( International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology ) has developed and is developing a series of web-based services for the Pharmacological Sciences, for education, and for drug discovery. These services enable the simplification and dissemination of highly complex datasets, via expert committees linked to ontologically-correct databases (e.g., the drug and receptor sites expressed ...

Emerging standards and best practices for data sharing, interoperability, use, and stewardship

Cape Town, South Africa

A key need in promoting sustainable development data access, transparency, quality, and usability across goals, sectors, borders, and data communities is to improve the standards, processes, and practices that enable data reuse, access, protection, documentation, and applications. These standards, processes, and practices are likely to be especially important as the realm of relevant data ...

Data Providers Workshop – GEO-XIII Plenary

Green Room 6, Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya hotel

Co-convened by the ICSU World Data System, the 1st Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Data Providers Workshop will be held prior the GEO-XIII Plenary in St. Petersburg, with the goals of establishing a two-way dialogue with data providers to improve the discoverability, accessibility, and usability of Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) resources. The agenda  includes ...