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WDS Events

Side-event: Trusted Data Services to Support Climate Change Research

UNESCO Miollis (1 Rue Miollis, 75015 Paris, Building VI, Room XIII)

Date: Monday 6 July 2015 Location: UNESCO  Programme:  Download PDF File This side-event was convened by the World Data System ahead of the International Scientific Conference  Our Common Future Under Climate Change . Four keynote speakers representing climate scientists, data service providers, and policy makers provided complementary high-level perspectives on ...

Polar Data Forum II 'International Collaboration for Advancing Polar Data Access and Preservation'

Federation Hall, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Polar Data Forum II will build on successes of the first International Polar Data Forum in October 2013 in Tokyo, Japan that—alongside other international and national meetings—identified priority themes and key challenges in the domain of polar data management ( Polar Data Forum  Communiqué ). The Second Polar Data Forum will further refine these themes and priorities, and will accelerate ...

WDS Webinar #4

This webinar will present experiences and lessons learned at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) of the Australian National University (ANU) to manage and make major research data collections discoverable and interoperable. Use of international standards for discovery and interoperability allow complex interactions within and between the collections. Efficiently scaling and adapting ...

Parallel Session: Quality and Availability of Data for Global Sustainability

UNESCO Miollis (1 Rue Miollis, 75015 Paris, Building VI, Room XVI)

Dates, Times and venues:   Oral Session: 8 July 2015 from 14:00 to 15:45  at   UNESCO  Miollis ( 1 rue Miollis, 75015 , Building VI, Room XVI) Poster Session: 7 July 2015 from 13:00 to 18:00 at UNESCO Fontenoy (Miró Halls) and 9 July 2015 from 19:00 to 20:30 at UPMC Jussieu - Blocks 14/24 Programme:  Download PDF File WDS and Future Earth will co-convene a parallel ...