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Arctic Data e-Cosystem Scientist – Postdoctoral Fellowship

The following Postdoctoral Fellowship will be hosted at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, starting 1 May 2017 or once the position is filled. This Pan-Arctic Options position is intended to complement collaboration with the ICSU World Data System. For detailed information, please see the following document and abstract below:

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow (Arctic Data e-Cosystem Scientist)
Reports To: Professor Paul Arthur Berkman and Dr. Peter Pulsifer
Location: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
FTE: 24 Months (with possible extension)

Abstract: Arctic Data e-Cosystem Scientist Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Arctic Ocean is experiencing an environmental state-change with its diminishing sea-ice boundary, expanding human activities ranging from commercial shipping and energy development to ship-based tourism. Accordingly, side-by-side with indigenous peoples, Arctic and non-Arctic states have begun to develop national and international management regimes to address emerging issues, impacts and resources that cross or extend beyond sovereign jurisdictions in the Arctic Ocean. In every case, there will be challenges to implement agreements and build the necessary infrastructure to achieve Arctic sustainability in the face of political and financial constraints. Pan-Arctic Options – Holistic Integration for Arctic Coastal–Marine Sustainability is designed in an international, interdisciplinary and inclusive manner, involving cost-effective collaboration with currently funded projects to contribute to informed decision-making by policy makers from government and industry from 2015–2020 through the Belmont Forum. The core team of Pan-Arctic Options includes natural and social scientists from Canada, China, France, Norway, Russian Federation and the United States who are integrating governance records (e.g., treaties and conventions), geospatial data (from the natural and social sciences) and stakeholder perspectives. The position will include theoretical and applied research on knowledge and information systems in the context of environmental, economic and societal elements associated with Arctic sustainability. This research will be part of an holistic (international, interdisciplinary and inclusive) process to integrate evidence from the natural and social sciences, revealing options (without advocacy) that contribute to informed decision-making about built assets and governance mechanisms on a pan-Arctic scale. The successful candidate will support the elaboration and practical application of "data e-cosystems" involving functional relationships (e.g., keystone or central evidence) of data sources (involving numeric and/or textual formats) within and between information collections that can be characterized in terms of their spatial, temporal or concept dimensions. Emphasis of this research will be on data e-cosystems associated with impacts, issues and resources in the Arctic Ocean that may have generalized applications. This work will be conducted in collaboration with international data organizations and projects. An important goal of this post-doctoral research is the practical implementation of automated tools and approaches to map relationships among data e-cosystems with visualization and other techniques that can be used by non-specialists.

Please send your cover letter, a current resume, contact information for three references and proof of your degree or completion schedule to . Please remember to redact any Social Security numbers from the documents you upload. Tufts University is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunities employer and actively seeks candidates from diverse backgrounds. Please see the Tufts University non-discrimination statement.

For additional information, please contact:
Prof. Paul Arthur Berkman
Coordinator, Pan-Arctic Options
Professor of Practice in Science Diplomacy
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
160 Packard Avenue, Medford, MA USA
+1-617-627-6959 /

Peter L. Pulsifer, Ph.D.
Chair, IASC-SAON Arctic Data Committee
Co-Chair, IARPC Arctic Data Coordination Team
Research Scientist II
National Snow and Ice Data Center CIRES
University of Colorado, 449 UCB
Boulder CO 80309 USA
/ +1 (613) 620-7195