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Free Tutorial Session at iPRES 2017

Free Tutorial Session at iPRES 2017

The 14th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES 2017) conference will be held on 25–29 September 2017 in Kyoto, Japan (see WDS-related Events for more details), with the open keynote address given by Ingrid Dillo (Vice-chair of the WDS Scientific Committee).

The conference organizers are pleased to announce that a free Japanese Tutorial Session will take place on the afternoon of Monday, 25 and morning of Tuesday, 26 September, and would like to encourage all data scientists and data managers to join, as well as anyone with an interest in digital data preservation (especially in the Humanities).

iPRES is a major international conference series on the preservation and long-term management of digital materials, embracing a variety of topics and perspectives: from strategy to implementation, and from international and regional initiatives to small organizations. Since 2004, iPRES conferences have been held on four continents, with the local host shaping and organizing the event alongside a group of international experts to carefully design the programme such that it fosters international interaction and collaboration.