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ISRIC Release 250-m Resolution Soil Information System for Africa


ISRIC – World Soil Information (WDS Regular Member) and its partners have announced the release of new, freely accessible soil information maps for Africa with a resolution of 250 m; enabling users to zoom in on an African village to see whether the soil is clay- or sand-based, or how much nutrients or organic carbon it contains.

The maps, commissioned by Africa Soil Information Services (AfSIS), can be explored in Google Earth, and are important for studies on agricultural development, environment, and food security since significant amounts of soil nutrients are lost in Africa every year due to land degradation and soil exhaustion. Improving land management is impossible without local information on soil properties such as sand–silt–clay content, water-holding capacity, or nutrient content, and AfSIS’ aim is to improve this situation by creating up-to-date, digital soil-property maps at high spatial resolution.

For more information on the new soil maps, please see ISRIC’s website or the following academic article that appeared in PLOS ONE on 25 June: