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Sharing and Stewardship of Scientific Data for Improved Decision Making and Sustainable Development: Why Share Data Fully and Openly?


Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landscapes are changing rapidly; with human activities being a major driver. Monitoring and modelling these changes is critical to enable governments, civil society, and the private sector to make informed decisions about climate, energy, food security, natural hazards, health, and other challenges. Decision-makers and managers must have access to the information they need, when they need it, and in a format they can use.

Current systems for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing observations remain fragmented, incomplete, or redundant, and are difficult to integrate across disciplines. This side event highlighted some real-life case studies of improved access to data and information, and how removal of restrictions on access and sharing of data provides significant economic and social returns.

Session outline and speakers list are available here (PDF)

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